Who is... "Morgaine"?

A startling question I know. Morgaine is everything and nothing. I am everywhere and nowhere. I am an ARTISTE! Sarcasm and mockery are hard to display through writing but I am doing my best.

I am a creator is the simplest way to put it. I am on a constant journey to express the images I see in my head and put them into the world. A journey I will probably always be on. I have yet to put exactly what I see onto a piece of paper, canvas, or film. The day that happens, I will probably lose interest. I love the challenge of the constant pursuit of an unattainable goal. No, I will never create something perfect, but that that didn't stop me when I was 13 and it won't stop me now. I love to learn, travel and create. I want to be able to help others with what I have learned and fight for those who can't. I am an artist. With that comes an uphill battle to show who I am and how I see the world.


I have been taking photos since I started traveling with my family as a kid. It wasn't until film school at California State University, Los Angeles that I realized that photographs could say something more than where I have been.


I have traveled all over the world in the pursuit of knowledge and understanding. I have been to Asia and all throughout Europe.  It wasn't till my trip to Malaysia that I saw the opportunity to do more with my obsessive need to run from country to country. Photos like this one

give me a chance to show people places that I am honored to visit.

Take a look at my albums to scratch the surface of what I have done and how fare I have come in my technic. 



I have been painting since I knew what it was. It is my space to be creative and not care about the judgment of others. I do this for fun and use the money from my Etsy Shop to buy art supplies.

I have dabbled in almost all forms of art. Wood carving, knitting, drawing, etc. I mostly do pen drawings of elderly faces. Sounds depressing and odd but so is being in my mind. A darkness can be seen in most people for those who look. My Etsy Store features a small portion of my work that is less personal or less mistake-ridden to sell. Hopeful I get the loser art teacher who gave me a low score on my AP Studio Art class to buy a piece. There are some things that time can not heal, and that's the broken heart of a girl destroyed by a stranger/teacher in high school. #YOUGETOVERIT!


I didn't find my love of film till later in life. You hear stories about filmmakers carrying a camera at the age of 1 year old and see the light right away. It was not like that for me. I didn't see film as an attainable goal until I was 19. The minute I made the connection, it all made sense to me. Film is a way to reach people instantly. It gave me new ways to shape my message and get a reaction that I had never seen before. Of all the mediums I have worked in, film gave me a voice I had never had before.


I went to film school at California State University, Los Angele and graduated with honors and a degree in Television, Film, and Media Studies.  I took control of a film club in my first year and I am proud of the work we put out. I filled every role a student film club has at one point or another and can say with certainty... We ate way too much pizza.

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